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Welcome to "Yanardag" State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve the burning mountain. The eternal flames are here to tell you about the history of natural fire and gas in Azerbaijan as well as about the impact of Zoroastrianism on culture and daily life. The museum and the adjacent Cromlech speak about how ancestors and the present civilization worship the fire, how the wolves turned into conscious men and how Marco Polo experienced the burning mountain.

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The Yanardag State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve was created on the 2nd May 2007 according to a decree issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to resolution No. 255 of the Cabinet of Ministers, dated 7th June 2018, the site was put under the control of the State Tourism Agency. On 17th July 2018 President Ilham Aliyev instructed that a museum and visitor centre be created at Yanardag with the aim of protecting the site and offering visitor-friendly services.

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Welcome to YANARDAG National Reserve!

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The modern Yanardag museum’s fine workmanship distinguishes itself.


Interesting exhibits are collected in the open-air museum, among which are different shaped stone utensils that were used in everyday life.